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insight is a qualitative research institute headquartered in Zurich. We conduct approximately 50-60 research projects a year covering a wide range of topics and industries, nationally and internationally. The services we provide include conceptualising, consulting, conducting and analysing a broad spectrum of research projects.

For quantitative and/or combined research approaches, we collaborate with a network of professional partner institutes.

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The main aim of qualitative research is to gain a full, in-depth understanding of attitudes, needs, motivations, perceptions and behavioural patterns held by consumers and customers in a hermeneutical sense.

Profound knowledge in three areas is required, in order for practical benefits of qualitative research to become evident:

  • Knowledge of the adopted research methodology
  • Knowledge of the respective industry and the mechanisms specific to that particular industry
  • Knowledge of the cultural context of a market

Each specific task and objective requires redefining the suitable methodological approach. To that end, we draw on a set of both long-established and innovative methods.

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Informations for Interviewpartners

We are always looking for new interview partners for our individual interviews or participants for group discussions. If you would like to be included in our pool, please register with us.