We are always looking for new interview partners for individual interviews as well as participants for group discussions. If you would like to be included in our pool, please contact us.

The primary objective of qualitative research is to understand and explain the behaviour of persons in the consumer world. The core focus is thus on the question “Why?“

Sample questions:

  • Why are you willing to pay more for an equivalent product?
  • Why is brand A more likeable than brand B?
  • Why is a certain poster advertisement appealing, whereas another one is not?
  • Possible main topics: motives, attitudes, values, reasons for action etc. of average persons and/or experts

In an individual interview, we are interested in hearing your personal views, your associations and suggestions with regard to a respective topic. Individual interviews are open discussions during which a specific topic is examined and discussed from different vantage points. Depending on the research study, a discussion will last between thirty and ninety minutes. All our interview partners are reimbursed for their efforts.

We invite between six and ten persons to a group discussion. The open discussion is led by a moderator. In contrast to an individual interview, the aim of a group discussion is for participants to provide each other with ”input” and thus generate a lively round table. The focus is both on the opinion of the individual and on that of the group. Depending on the research study, a group discussion will last between two to three hours. The participants are reimbursed for their efforts.

No, it is better if you react naturally and spontaneously to the respective topics.

They are treated with the strictest confidentiality – The recordings are kept at insight and used exclusively by insight staff members for preparing the analysis. The evaluation of the studies is anonymous.

No, we will only include you in our address file if you give us permission to do so. Your address is neither forwarded to the client requesting the study nor to any other organisation.

In principle yes, however, a maximum of 1-2 studies per year.

The amount you receive merely serves to reimburse you for your time and effort and is not seen as payment. The motivation to participate should be your interest in the topic, and not the remuneration.

As a rule, the name of the client is only mentioned at the end of an interview or a group discussion, so as not to influence the course of the discussion.

Primarily companies, public and political institutions.

All of your data and statements are treated with the strictest confidentiality and not forwarded to the respective client requesting the research.

insight is a corporate member of ESOMAR (The World Association of Research Professionals) and SWISS INSIGHTS (Swiss Data Insights Association). The execution of the study will be conducted according to their rules and regulations.