Our Services

The services provided by insight cover conceptualisation, consulting, implementation and analysis, primarily of qualitative research projects. All research is conducted by a team of experienced professional researchers and moderators. For quantitative or combined research projects, insight collaborates with a network of trusted partner institutes. We meet the challenge of modern, complex and high-paced markets by applying in-depth, explorative research approaches.

We give top priority to the precise definition of methodology (in many cases, the wrong choice of methodological approaches lead to distorted research results), social-scientific questioning techniques as well as in-depth, application-oriented evaluations and analyses. For insight, in addition to a sound and methodically professional implementation of research projects, knowledge of individual market mechanisms acquired through extensive professional experience is deemed key. Thanks to an in-depth understanding of how markets operate, and by taking cultural contexts into account, insight’s team of experts is in an excellent position to interpret research results meaningfully and with a view to their practical relevance.

Research Team

The insight project management team consists of experts with different fields of expertise and industry experience. As the researcher also acts as the moderator in qualitative research projects, in-depth interviews and group discussions are predominantly moderated by insight project managers.

Facilities / Rooms

Our Institute located on Bergstrasse is equipped for one-to-one interviews, group discussions, simultaneous translations and larger meetings. Our test persons appreciate the pleasant atmosphere, the nice location and the easy accessibility by public transport.